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Makes traveling together or sharing a car easy, fun and 
and profitable for individuals and businesses.

You choose the destination or car and we facilitate the rest!


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    We deliver vehicles from dealers from Germany and the Netherlands and we provide you with the services you don’t have time for and we will deliver the vehicle in front of your door, making buying a vehicle hassle free and convenient. We include these services in the selling price:

    • Import process with delivery on Dutch or German license plates
    • Pickup
    • New general inspection (APK or HU/TUV)
    • Delivery at your doorstep

    We can deliver these additional services:

    • Building in a sensor with our app to share your vehicle with other people to generate additional income
    • Insurance and contracts to share your vehicle with other people
    • Buy a couple of vehicle(s) together with a group of people to ensure mobility but with lower costs
    • Guarantee

    Besides that we use the following criteria in selecting providers for vehicles:

    • The vehicles are not older than 15 years
    • The vehicles are petrol cars
    • The vehicles have 4 or more doors
    • The vehicles have Euro 4 or higher

    Land Rover